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Poverty anywhere is a threat to prosperity everywhere.

In a developing country like India, times of distress such as the COVID-19 crisis are undeniably the strongest push towards the need for Universal Basic Income. A major part of the population, which only survived on daily wage, now faces great difficulty to meet even their very basic needs such as food, healthcare and safe housing. In addition to that, the safety of women and children has become a major issue due to the lockdown. 307,000 calls were received in the child helpline just in the first week of the lockdown in India. Research shows that most women (and children) in India who face domestic violence endure it due to economic-dependence on their partner. A very meagre amount of money can help a huge chunk of the Indian population to ensure they survive a crisis as daunting as the crisis we’re currently facing.

So making India to join the worldwide campaign and to create awareness among youth and thereby making the whole India realise UBI is the solution for bringing Peace in India

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We're Good “Universal Basic Income is the only policy measure that will ensure protection for everyone, while giving the economy the fuel it needs.”

~Fuad Alakbarov

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Right to Income is an organisation under Glory to God. The main purpose of this  organisation is to help the poor and needy so that they achieve economic self-sufficiency. This is towards the improvement of the socio economic conditions of poor people of India. This organisation runs only with service motive. The organisation service is intended for the Public at large without any discrimination of any caste, religion, creed, colour, sex etc.
Right To Income: The intention of the institute is to claim the income of the People as their right. Every citizen has the right to work and earn his living. Since the government could not provide job to people, it is the duty of the government to provide income to the people. 



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